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Target : Music and Information science, Numerical Simulation, Virtual Reality etc.

Associate Professor (Meisei University, Homepage

Analysis of Music and Acustic of instrument- Biography

Timbre in Musical Expression
Timbre in a professional violinist's performance Thais meditation with expression, not only the mechanical bowing. PDF
Timbre of Stradivari
Comparison of overtones Stradivari(1698), Fagnola(1923), Pressenda(1838). Stradivari's S/N ratio is higher, which make the timbre clearer.
Wood and Rosin for Music Instrument
Change in the acoustic or mechanical specific of wood by the heat-treatment and the medicine application.
Visualization of Vibrato Technique
Motion of vibrato of a professional violinist taken by a high speed camera. The corelation between expression words such as "Rich" or "Bright" and overtones of violin tones is under analyzation.
Measurement Tools
Load measuring and bowing system(Original), FFT analyzer(Oros, NVGate),
High Speed Camera(Optronis), Motion Capture System(Optitrack),
LucchiMeter, Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM), moisture meter,,, etc

More... see -Yokoyama Music Research- page

Other past student's studies,
Sound quality of instrument by FFT
Difference in the sound quality of acoustic cello and a silence cello
Sound analysis of vibrato of voice
Music analysis and new methods
Affinity of flush sound of toilet and musical genre
Can Rock'n'roll be create by a comuter with chaotic theory?
Creation of a new temperament using natural laws

Composition and Arrangement

Music composed by computational infomation sciense

- Brain wave music with electroics
Multimedia Improvisation for brainwaves, cello, and live electronics(2016), PDF,Movie

- String Quartet by natural law. Scordatula by Golden ratio(2014)
- Nocturne for Big City(Prepared Guitar and Tape)

- Chaos for string quartet notes calculated with logistic mapping

- Music 12'31''Chance operation using PI (the ratio of the circumference)(2013)
etc. Detail...

Concert Pieces

- Rhapsody on a Thema of KUSATSU-BUSHI for String Orchestra and Percussion (Hotta Pub., 2014) Concert Movie (YouTube)
Furusato for string orchestra (Japanese traditional song, arrangement 2010)
Sonatina (Clementi, Op.36-3), version for a piano concert style with string orchestra (arrangement, 2014)
Flirting music for solo cello (2014)
Chaotic Music for String Quartet, x0=0.25 (Automatically generated by computer program using chaos function, Ensemble Modern & Tokyo Wonder Site Academy, 2013)
Adagio from Symphony No.10 for String Orchestra (G. Maher)(arrangement 2013)
Huge alarm wakes me up ... in the holiday morning!, Capriccio for orchestra with solo violin and solo cello, (2013)
Romanze (M.Bruch) for solo viola and string orchestra (arrangement 2010)
Trio for piano, violin and cello in A major(2009)

... other many arrangement for string quartets and piano trios (Piazzola, Beatles, Japanese old songs, privately)

* publishing
String Quartets of Popular & Classic Music for concert and party(Yamaha Music Media, 2014)
Piazzolla selection for Piano Trio
Rhapsody on a Thema of KUSATSU-BUSHI for String Orchestra and Percussion
Furusato for string orchestra (Japanese traditional song, arrangement 2010)

Short Paper and Column

Sexy talk in classical music!
Death and Music Topic og the death of Schubert and Beethoven
Healing Music
Dramatic Connction of artists! Bartok met Picasso in Paris ?
Vacation of great composer

I play CELLO !!

From classical music to jazz and pops music
Souvenir della Musica String Orchestra
Trio Paradiso

Numerical Simulation of Fluid Structure Interaction More info.

- Moving Particle Simulation Method (Semi-implicit)
- Splash by falling object
- How can I eat big hamburger ?! (Souce and ketchapp simulation when we eat hamburger)
- Slip flow around hydro-gel
- How to stop the waterdrip and adhesion of cup
- Silence effect of noise by a waterdrop using the bottom's shape of a water tank
detail and movie

Virtual Reality and Human Interface

- VR and AR using Kinect and Oculus Rift
Virtual Planetarium using Oculus Rift and Leap Motion
Perfect strike theory of bowling using hous ball
Affinity of flush sound of toilet and musical genre

Society : Acoustical Society of Japan
Music and Computer of IPSJ
The Visualization Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics

Papers and proceedings

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