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Prevent method of liquid adhesion on cup

(Technical paper here)
Patented method.
Effect of channel at edge of cup to prevent liquid adhesion. Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2017, vol.83.856
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(abstract) Based on experimental observation of liquid dripping, a method to prevent liquid adhesion at the wall of cup was proposed in this paper. When water or sauce etc. is poured from edge of a cup or a pot, the liquid adheres to the wall of cup, which often makes a table or clothes dirty. To clarify the above annoying problem, the flow dripping from the cup, whose edge was shaped to have various thin channels, was observed by using high speed camera. We found the water adhesion on cupfs wall reduced when the channels were located at the outside of edge of the cup.

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The reason of sound of water drop

(Technical paper here (PDF))
Silence effect of noise by a waterdrop using the bottom's shape of a water tank. Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Fluids Engineering Division

(abstract) The splash caused by a falling water droplet is often seen in our life, but the noise induced by small air bubble in water tank sometimes annoys us. The form of splash was observed using high speed camera in order to reduce the noise and compared between the form of splash when a droplet fell into the water tank.

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