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- Composition and Arrangement -

Music composed by computational infomation sciense ... Scienticism Music !

- 5 Bagatelle for String Quartet by Golden Ratio Harmony (2020), Movie

- Brain Motion for shakuhachi and cello (2018), Movie

- Golden ratio for quartet and humming (2017), Movie

- "6 Bagatelle for Digital piano (Chaos music, Scienticism Music)" (2018)

- Brain wave music with electroics
Multimedia Improvisation for brainwaves, cello, and live electronics(2016) in Shanghai, PDF,Movie

- String Quartet by natural law. Scordatula by Golden ratio(2014)
- Nocturne for Big City(Prepared Guitar and Tape)

- Chaos for string quartet notes calculated with logistic mapping

- Music 12'31''Chance operation using PI (the ratio of the circumference)(2013)
etc. Detail...

Concert Pieces (in classical music style)

- "Spring Station" for Flute and Piano (2023@Maebashi, Japan)

- "Fantasy in a night temple" for Piano Quartet (2022@Tokyo)

- "At a station at dusk" for Flute, Violin, Cello (2022@Maebashi, Japan) Youtube

- "Bagatelle for Flute, Viola and Harp" (2022@Tokyo) Youtube

- "No title" (Graphic score、Mitsuki & Masao, 2022@Tokyo) Youtube

- "Largo for String Quartet" (2021@Tokyo) Youtube
- "Rock 'n' Roll P's Canon" (2021@Tokyo) Youtube
- "Nocturne Concertante for Solo Cello and String Orchestra" (2021@Lviv, Ukraine) Youtube
- "Autumn leaves dancing in the wind for Solo Viola" (2020@USA)
- "Small violin concert pieces for children" (2020@Tokyo)
- "Gin-Ei for solo cello" (2019@Prague Czech, Tokyo) Youtube
- "Capriccio in a Theme of Japanese Song for Violin and Piano" (2019@Cremona, Italy) Youtube
- "Nocturn for Guitar and Tape" (2016@Tokyo)
- "Rhapsody on a Thema of Yagi-Bushi for Piano Quartet" (2015@Sano,Japan)
- "String Quartet No.1" (2015@Tokyo) Youtube
- "Asian Sky for Violin and Piano" (2015) Youtube
- Rhapsody on a Thema of KUSATSU-BUSHI for String Orchestra and Percussion (Hotta Pub., 2014) Concert Movie (YouTube)
- Furusato for string orchestra (Japanese traditional song, arrangement 2010)
- Sonatina (Clementi, Op.36-3), version for a piano concert style with string orchestra (arrangement, 2014)
- Chaotic Music for String Quartet, x0=0.25 (Automatically generated by computer program using chaos function, Ensemble Modern & Tokyo Wonder Site Academy, 2013)
- Adagio from Symphony No.10 for String Orchestra (G. Maher)(arrangement 2013)
- Romanze (M.Bruch) for solo viola and string orchestra (arrangement 2010)
- Trio for piano, violin and cello in A major(2009)

... other many arrangement for string quartets and piano trios (Piazzola, Beatles, Japanese old songs, privately) - samples

Gin-Ei for cello solo (Musica Gioia, Pracha 2016)
Romance for viola (arr. Bruch) (Universal Edition Wien, 2016)
String Quartets of Popular & Classic Music for concert and party(Yamaha Music Media, 2014)
Piazzolla selection for Piano Trio
Rhapsody on a Thema of KUSATSU-BUSHI for String Orchestra and Percussion
Furusato for string orchestra (Japanese traditional song, arrangement 2010)

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