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Target : Music and Information science, Numerical Simulation, Virtual Reality etc.

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Analysis of Music and Acustic of instrument- Biography

Timbre in Musical Expression
Timbre in a professional violinist's performance Thais meditation with expression, not only the mechanical bowing. PDF
Timbre of Stradivari
Comparison of overtones Stradivari(1698), Fagnola(1923), Pressenda(1838). Stradivari's S/N ratio is higher, which make the timbre clearer.
Wood and Rosin for Music Instrument
Change in the acoustic or mechanical specific of wood by the heat-treatment and the medicine application.
Visualization of Vibrato Technique
Motion of vibrato of a professional violinist taken by a high speed camera. The corelation between expression words such as "Rich" or "Bright" and overtones of violin tones is under analyzation.
Measurement Tools
Load measuring and bowing system(Original), FFT analyzer(Oros, NVGate),
High Speed Camera(Optronis), Motion Capture System(Optitrack),
LucchiMeter, Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM), moisture meter,,, etc

More... see -Yokoyama Music Research- page

Other past student's studies,
Sound quality of instrument by FFT
Difference in the sound quality of acoustic cello and a silence cello
Sound analysis of vibrato of voice
Music analysis and new methods
Affinity of flush sound of toilet and musical genre
Can Rock'n'roll be create by a comuter with chaotic theory?
Creation of a new temperament using natural laws

Society : Acoustical Society of Japan
Music and Computer of IPSJ
The Visualization Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics

Papers and proceedings

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