Masao Yokoyama, Professor at Meisei University, Composer

Masao Yokoyama (1973, Hiroshima, Japan) studied Information Science at Waseda University for his master's degree, and he completed his doctor's degree in Engineering at Toyo University in 2009. He also studied composition under Prof. T. Hisatome.

His original and arrangement works for chamber music are published by Universal Edition, Yamaha Music Media etc. Many of them have been performed by from amateur musicians to professional musicians of Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech, Ukraine, Japan and so on. His current research interests include music composition applying computer program and mathematics. On the other hand, he composes the works in classical music style based on Japanese traditional music such as Gagaku, Shoumyou, Nagauta and folk song.

He has been a university professor, Meisei University in Tokyo since 2012, and has audio processing and programming classes based on the electronics music and study the multimedia works with students.
Japanese Society for Sonic Arts,Vice President.

1973: Born in Hiroshima, Japan.

1977: Started violin.
1983: Started cello.
1996: Graduated from Waseda University (Information Science), Tokyo.
1998: Graduated a master degree at Waseda University (Information Science), Tokyo.
2001: Instructor of cello, Popular Music school of YAMAHA.
Bunkyo-Gakki String Instrument Company in Tokyo.
Started the arrangement and the composition of chamber music in own concerts or live performances.
2009: Received a doctor's degree (engineering) at Toyo University.
2012: Associate Professor at Meisei University, Faculty of Information Science, Tokyo. Engaging the study of the composition by a computer and mathematics, and acoustic engineering of musical instrument.
NPO Region Reproduce Support center, CEO.
Asagaya Eine BItte! Music School cello instructor, String Orchestra Souvenir della Musica Cellist & Captain,
In 2018-19, Invited Researcher of Milano Politechnico & Museo del Violino, Cremona.
Studied composition under Prof. T.Hisatome. Some scores of chamber music are published and are played by excellent musicians in the world, Vienna SQ, Panocha SQ, etc..
2020: Professor at Meisei University

YouTube : Masao Yokoyama Music and Instrument
Email : a-a (at)

Research Top

Music composition and arrangement

Study of violin.

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