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Classical Style Music

I compose contemporary music based on the computer system and Japanese traditional music as a study. But I also love the classical music written by Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorak, Debussy, Mahler... and so on. So, I very often compose music in classical style such as these master wrote.

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1. "Asian sky for Violin Piano duo", premiered on 2022 Nov. at sense of Resonance 2022 Music Festival, Maebash, Japan, Violin: Ikuya Shinohara, Piano: Yulia Lev

This piece is composed for violin and piano in the impression when I saw the sunrise and morning town in Asia (Okinawa). The words in the score mean the scene of landscape such as river, forest, village, which is written originally for this piece by friend of mine. The subtle melody in the last part of this music expresses a music by Sanshin which is a kind of traditional Asian musical instrument. This piece was selected in International composition competition Maurice Ravel 2016 2nd edition, Final. (about 5 min.)

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2. "Bagatelle for Flute, Viola and Harp", premiered on 2022 Feb. 24 at the lecture and concert "Music College" by Musa Kawasaki, Japan, Flute: Mariko Hamasaki, Viola: Chihiro Tai, Harp: Saika Ikeshiro

This piece was committed by Musa Kawasaki hall and premiered by Mariko Hamasaki(Fl), Chihiro Tai(Va) and Saika Ikeshiro(Hp) (members of Tokyo Symphony Orchestra) in 2022. In the premiere concert, I visualized the spectrogram of sound in real-time using computer graphics. This bagatelle has three small pieces and composed by mixing the several international music. The first movement is based on the trio in the same instrumentation by Debussy, and I intend to express the colorful harmony like his masterpieces. The second movement is written by the impression of Japanese traditional song gOiwakeh, where I used some special techniques like Shakuhachi in the flute part and combined them with wavy motion by viola. The last rhythmical movement is written in 13/16 (this sounds like difficult to play at a glance but actually not so difficult), and the Trio part like jazz-blues is based on the melody of the gospel song gYou gotta moveh.

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3."Largo for String Quartet" Morgental String Quartet in 2021, Tokyo, Japan.

This music was composed for string quartet based on classical master piece based on Beethoven's string quartet. I composed this romantic piece after the opportunity of daughter's birth. I hope this music is welcomed by all who wish a happiness and a piece.

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4."At a station, at dust", premiered at Chuou-Maebashi station, sense of Resonance Music Festival in 2022. Flute: M. Arai, Violin: M. Takebayashi, Cello: M. Yokoyama.

Impression of the small urban station in the Friday evening and people who are baking home after work. This piece was composed for the station Chuou-Maebashi station of Jomou-Denki railway and premiered at the station as the pre-concert of "sense of Resonance Music festival" in Gunma, Japan.

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5. "Rock 'n' Roll P's Canon", premiered in 2021 by Morgental String Quartet, Tokyo.

I reconstructed the popular music "Pachelbel's Canon" to a rock-like piece. At first, you may say "what melody is it ?", but the notes of 1st violin is the same sequence of original music (i.e. F#-E-D-C#-B-A-B-C). Also, the order of root notes by cello is D-A-B-F#... the same as the original.

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